Autauga/Prattville Library attorney Laura Clark confirmed to 1819 News she has not been dismissed as general counsel, as multiple news reports suggested.

The library board voted on Tuesday to allow former Alabama Chief Justice candidate Bryan Taylor to represent the board in possible litigation over the dismissal of the library director. Alabama Reflector ran a report saying Clark had been dismissed from representing the board, and the far-left Alabama Political Reporter did not clarify that Clark was maintaining her position.

Andrew Foster was fired after being accused of sharing confidential information with the media and recording an executive session, as previously reported by 1819 News.

After protests broke out over Foster’s dismissal, he retained an attorney and accused the board of violating the Alabama Open Meeting Act. He also sent a letter to Clark asking for an apology.

Due to a possible conflict of interest because of Clark’s involvement with the case, members and attorney Laura Clark, the board voted to remove her from any pending litigation on the matter.

No lawsuit has been filed.

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