Law enforcement agencies across Alabama have been warning citizens about a phone scam in which crooks use a number that appears to come from the police department or sheriff’s office.

The latest scam alert came from the Birmingham Police Department.

“The phone number (205) 254-2685 appears on the community member’s Caller ID,” the police department said in a press release. “The scammer addresses the community member by name. The scammer then accuses the community member of having an arrest warrant then stating they need to either turn themselves into the Birmingham City Jail, Jefferson County Jail or send payment through Cash App, Pay Pal, or Green Dot card.”

Similar scams have occurred with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office, the Bessemer Police Department, the Mountain Brook Police Department, departments nationwide, and even the FBI and the IRS.

The Childersburg Police Department said what the scammer says isn’t always the same.

“The caller is using several different stories and ultimately asking for money to be sent through gift cards for donations to the department and to avoid arrest,” Childersburg Police said in a statement.

Law enforcement officials have continually reminded potential victims that they will never request personal information or forms of payment over the phone.

Citizens need to share this information with friends and family that may be unaware of such scams.

Call your local law enforcement agency if you or someone you know has been a scam victim. You can also report it immediately to the FTC.

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