Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl on Tuesday voiced his support for conservative author and activist Candace Owens.

Pearl, who is Jewish, shared a Dennis Prager column that called on Owens to speak out against her close friend rapper Kanye West's recent anti-Semitic remarks. Prager, who notes his Jewish heritage in the op-ed, also defends Owens against charges of anti-Semitism.

In a tweet, the Auburn coach called the article "an accurate account" and said he was "a Big Fan" of Owens.

Pearl's tweet has drawn the ire of a host of left-wing political and sports pundits over his Owens support, as well as some college basketball fans.

A sports radio host named Jason Page said he "lost all respect" for Pearl while sports journalist Jeff Pearlman called the coach "an embarrassment." Journalist Soledad O'Brien described Pearl "a disappointment."

Pearl was even accused of being racist and anti-Semitic himself, while other fans urged his players to leave Auburn and play elsewhere.

Pearl's Tigers open the season ranked 15th-best in the nation. They host George Mason at Neville Arena on Monday, November 7.

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