In the face of much hope with the potential of Roe v. Wade being overturned, I have been cautioning everyone not to get too optimistic as I know deep down in my soul that our legislature will find some way to screw this up. My prediction is that massive compromise is coming.

As a Christian and a Conservative, I have learned the hard way not to get my hopes up when I see something begin to trend our way in the legislative or judicial realm, so much so that my brain and soul have begun to associate the feeling of hope with disappointment.

Yes, just like Pavlov’s dog would salivate at the sound of the bell, signaling the dog’s digestive system was preparing for food, so too does my soul begin to prepare for disappointment the moment hope creeps in.

A recent example would be watching the Parent’s Choice/School Choice bill get butchered and neutered into a nothing burger this last legislative session.

This isn’t to say that I won’t continue to fight this war with joy deep down in my bones, but I think it would do us all well to realize we aren’t going to be handed anything and nothing will be gift wrapped for us. We are going to have to fight with the force of a thousand suns for every inch we gain on this battlefield. But we will win, inch by inch.

Roe v. Wade will very likely be overturned, and the decision about whether babies can be murdered in the safety of their mother’s womb will be decided by the states. This is certainly a good thing, and we should be happy. However, before we pop the cork on the champagne bottle and break out the kazoos, we need to be acutely aware of the fact that our legislators here in Alabama are not who they say they are.

These people are not there to represent you, they do not like you, and they do not care about you. See, Republicans in power hate Conservatism. They hate everything you stand for and everything you believe in and are willing to die for. They despise principle. Compromise is the air they breathe. If they were fish, abhorrent, egregious compromise would be the water they swim in.

A former State Senator told me that the legislators in Montgomery refer to the common folk of Alabama - you know, the ones they are supposed to be representing - as The RAMs. This stands for "The Rancid Ass Multitude."

They think you’re stupid and that they know what is best for you when it comes to your health, when it comes to your family, when it comes to the curriculum for your child’s education, and when it comes to your tax dollars. Yes, they know what is best, and it would be best for you if you would just shut up, stay out of the way, and do as you’re told.

It’s a strange thing that many Christians and Conservatives criticize those in the Black and Hispanic communities that continue to fall for the pandering of the Democrats in election season. The Democrats make promises they never intend to keep to these communities and do silly things to make it look like they share their values and are part of their culture — think of Biden playing Despacito on his cell phone at an election rally full of Hispanics or Nancy Pelosi staging a kneeling protest where everyone was wearing African kente scarves.

What we fail to realize is that the Republicans do the same thing to Christians and Conservatives. They promise to end abortion, lower taxes, de-regulate the economy, and the list goes on with absolutely no intention of following through on those promises. They post pictures of themselves with big guns and big Bibles and big crosses. They walk out on stage to Lee Greenwood playing at a decibel level that Helen Keller could hear with Dolby Digital crystal clarity. They do it because it works. We gobble it up and vote for these frauds time and time again.

If you are thinking to yourself that I may be going too far… Let me make my case.

For context regarding what I am about to write, you will want to read an article put out by 1819 News last week where legislators and the governor were asked what would happen in Alabama if Roe were overturned: Alabama abortions: What's happening now and what could change.

With the winds of change in the air regarding Roe v. Wade, our legislators are already trying to soften the ground where they intend to land the coming compromise.

See, in 2019, the Alabama legislature passed the Human Life Protection Act that many called the most pro-life bill in the country, and indeed it was. No one in the country was surprised to see this because they know Alabama is the epicenter of Conservatism as far as the people and the culture are concerned. For once, Alabama looked like… well… Alabama.

Yes, this was a glorious day for Alabama legislators as they sent out press releases to their constituencies touting this pro-life legislation as proof that they are who they said they were. They high-fived each other and chest bumped each other and made sure everyone knew how great they were.

They are touting this legislation in their campaign ads to this day. Specifically, Kay Iveys’s gun range ad where the two guys are ticking off supposed accolades of the governor.

The thing is, when they passed the Human Life Protection Act,’ they knew it was under the cover of Roe v. Wade, which they never expected to be overturned. They knew, or so they thought they knew, they could pass this legislation and get all the benefits of standing for the unborn while never having to actually stand for the unborn.

Once the umbrella of Roe is removed, the pressure of standing for the unborn will actually be on their shoulders. Unfortunately for those babies that will be chopped into pieces and shop vac’d out of their mother’s wombs, the shoulders of these legislators are about as solid as termite-infested balsa wood.

Representative Terri Collins, the person responsible for bringing forth this great pro-life legislation, is already saying that if Roe is overturned, the legislature will need to meet and add more exceptions for when it is OK to terminate the life of a baby. In so doing, Alabama would quickly lose its place as the most pro-life state in the nation, meaning the legislation that they boast in their political ads would be null and void.

When Ivey was asked if she would be for enforcing the Human Life Protection Act’ as it was written - you know, the legislation that she is touting in her political ads - she said she just wanted to wait and see what happens with Roe v. Wade before making a statement.

Translation: she wants to wait until after May 24th, the primaries, before communicating her true position on abortion.

See, when it is politically advantageous to tout strong pro-life legislation with no risk or downside, our legislators and governing officials are out front banging the war drums. When it comes time to actually do the hard work of protecting the unborn and facing the radical Left death cult, they are full of compromise. When they have to be who they say they are, you can almost guarantee that they will begin to shape-shift before our watching eyes.

I have recently been saying, sort of tongue-in-cheek, but not really, that the coming compromise would sound something like this:

“All these folks are going across state lines to get their abortions… Just think of all the money the state is losing. What we need to do is legalize abortion in Alabama and then regulate it. Once we do that, we can tax it and give the proceeds to education.”

Obviously, this is a jab pointed at the logic and strategy our legislators use to legalize any vice we have historically been opposed to in the state, i.e. gambling and marijuana. But what is to stop them from doing that with abortion?

What you have to understand is that the huge corporations in our state are going to be pressuring our legislators to make as many compromises as possible. These corporations have massive lobbying arms with tremendous power and influence in Montgomery. They will say that it will be hard to get people to move here if our abortion laws are too strict. No businesses will want to put their headquarters here if we have abortion laws like the people of Alabama want.

The people that fund our legislators’ campaigns will be lobbying hard for milquetoast abortion legislation, and if you think for one second that our legislators will develop a spine magically out of thin air to push back against these massive corporations, you are sadly mistaken.

That’s not to mention all the radical Left groups that will be screaming with the power of AL dot com and other national outlets behind them.

No, conservatives will not win this battle without a fight, and it will be up to them to put more pressure on the legislators than they are getting from their corporate sugar daddies and the radical Leftists.

This is not a ‘political victory’ conservatives and Christians are seeking; this is a victory for those who can not defend themselves. This is a victory for the people of Alabama who don’t want babies to be murdered within the borders of this state. This is a victory that would represent repentance at the state level and with that, the hope of God’s judgment leaving our land.

Remember, God will not be mocked, and the blood of these babies is crying out for judgment.

Will we fear man, or will we fear God?

Bryan Dawson is CEO of 1819 News. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to

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