Wesley Rutherford of Decatur had this to say about the discussion of suspending Alabama’s gas tax:
“I think what would be of greater service to all Alabamians would be to do away with the tax on groceries - leave the gas tax alone, and just use it to offset whatever highway funds might have come from or [be] embedded in the grocery tax.  The need for funds to maintain infrastructure will never be lower than it is right now - so I think it would be wise to pursue as much infrastructure improvement as possible - and those gas taxes will enable that.  Helping all of us who use the infrastructure by saving our vehicles from being pounded on rough roads, and streets safer for all with highway improvements and bridge maintenance. Eliminating the tax on foodstuffs will be of much greater relief over time, by more individuals, because everyone one eats, but not everyone drives.”

Cathy Crider of Hoover agreed with Managing Editor Erica Thomas’ op-ed on “Wake up! We’re in a mess!”

“I agree with your commentary. I wish people would wake up to what is happening around them and know their votes make a difference. Foremost before a vote is cast, people need to do their research.  They need to know what the candidate stands for and not vote for just a particular party.  Enjoyed your article!!” 

Lynn Phillips of Hoover ready Randy Tatano’s article on former Gov. Don Siegelman being uninvited to speak at a south Alabama law day.

“I just read your excellent article about Don Siegelman being un-invited to speak. As a believer in free speech and that high school students are more perceptive than we think, I [think] it’s wrong to remove speakers regardless of what we think of their politics.

I recently re-read Eddie Curran’s excellent book on the Don Siegelman, The Governor of Goat Hill. I was amazed about how prophetic Mr. Curran was when he wrote the book in 2015. In the book he describes the beginnings of what we now call “fake news” and cancel culture.

I think a better approach is to keep Gov. Siegelman on the program and invite Eddie Curran to speak and provide an alternative view. The problem (if you are a Republican) is that many of the Democratic actors in early 2000s Alabama are now Republicans.”

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