Another corrections officer at Limestone Correctional Facility has been charged with using his position for personal gain and promoting prison contraband for allegedly smuggling items, including hamburgers, into prison.

James Wesley Chambers was arrested on Tuesday and placed in the Limestone County Sheriff's office. He faces 14 total charges relating to his position as a guard at Limestone.

According to arrest warrants, Chambers faces seven charges of using his position for personal gain, six charges of promoting prison contraband and one charge of possessing a controlled substance with the intent to distribute inside Limestone.  

Chambers was released on a $5,000 bond pending a court date.

The charges for promoting contraband included a smartwatch, National Geographic Magazines and hamburgers. The controlled substance that Chambers is charged with attempting to distribute was not detailed in the arrest warrant.

Chambers is the fifth Limestone officer this month to be arrested and charged with multiple ethics violations.

Early this month, four former guards at Limestone were charged with bribery and using their position for financial gain in efforts to bring contraband into the prison.

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