The Limestone County GOP recently proposed a resolution demanding reform in the Athens-Limestone Public Library (ALPL) board due to its handling of sexually explicit children’s books.

Several other county GOP have passed similar resolutions to address a statewide concern with the proliferation of children’s books that contain sexually explicit or LGBTQ+ material.

The library issue has gained the attention of lawmakers, Republican leadership and Gov. Kay Ivey.

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“[I]t has become apparent to Limestone County citizens that the selection process of the young adult and children’s collection does not exclude materials that may be found obscene and/or contain explicit sexual content,” The resolution reads. “...Limestone County parents and taxpayers do not support the display or promotion of such content in public libraries generally, and specifically, to teens and children.”

The Limestone GOP, like many opposed to the books, has pointed to the American Library Association (ALA) and its state chapter, the Alabama Library Association (ALLA), as primary culprits in endorsing, promoting and supporting sexually explicit books and material that supports progressive gender ideology.  

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The ALA is a national non-profit dedicated to improving library systems through advocacy. The ALA openly promotes diversity, equity and inclusion and seeks to “apply a social justice framework to the ALA strategic directions.” It has publically supported the inclusion of books many parents have found sexually inappropriate for minors.

In its resolution, the Limestone GOP asked the ALPL board to disaffiliate from the ALA and ALLA and to remove sections from the ALA’s library bill of rights from ALPL policy.

“The ALA espouses a philosophy of collectivism, i.e., communism and Marxism, and has stated in their Library Bill of Rights that they oppose any restriction of access to materials based on the age of library users,” the resolution stated.

The resolution also asks the library to remove the following section from its policy manual:

“It is the responsibility of the Library to provide, in adequate quantity, books on sex which are authoritative and up-to-date. These books will include a broad range of physiological, psychological, and moral-ethical treatments of the subject of sex. This includes works that reflect changing attitudes and departures from traditional mores. Books reflecting differing social and religious backgrounds are also provided.

“Books are acquired which are designed for all age levels of readers and of varying levels of education. Highly specialized and clinical works written for specialists are generally outside the scope of the Library’s collection but are added occasionally to add depth to the collection.

“Judgment of fiction is made on the total book rather than on parts that might in themselves be considered objectionable.”

The Limestone County GOP Executive Committee will vote on the resolution on Tuesday, October 17.

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