Limestone County voters turned down all but one renewal of property taxes that support schools.

Voters went to the polls Tuesday to vote on two countywide tax renewals, and voters in Districts 1 and 3 voted on district property tax renewals.

Limestone County elections director Bobbi Bailey told 1819 News that 2,389 ballots were cast.

For the countywide tax, voters said no to the 4.5 mill countywide public schools tax with 1,482 no and 901 yes votes. They also said no to a 1 mill countywide public school tax with a 1,466 to 919 vote.

The countywide tax was a renewal of a $3 million special property tax for schools. The tax provided $.30 for each $100 of property value and had to be renewed every 20 years.

In District 1 – Madison City Schools – voters said no to a 3 mill district property tax with a vote of 1,055 to 494.

The only tax surviving the vote was for District 3, the Athens City Schools District. The 3 mill district property tax there will be renewed. The vote was 350 for yes and 287 for no.

Funds from these taxes went to help pay teachers over the state salary and hire additional teachers and aides. The money also helped fund capital projects and special programs.

There were 11 provisional ballots. The votes will be certified next Tuesday.

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