By Brandon Moseley

Lisa Ward officially qualified with the Alabama Democratic Party to run for State Senate District 21 on Monday.

"Yesterday as you know we qualified and it's official, I'm your Democratic Candidate for State Senate D21 in Alabama," Ward posted on social media. "You might not be able to vote for me but you can promote and support me. When I go to Montgomery, it will be you on my mind. Help me get there. Every day counts and we can't get today back."

Lisa Ward is a resident of Lake View in Tuscaloosa County. She was one of the first to qualify when enrollment began on Monday.

Ward said that she is excited to share after many months that its official. She has qualified to run as a Democratic candidate in Senate District 21, which serves Pickens and parts of Tuscaloosa County.

Ward said that she is excited to get back on the campaign trail, meet more people, and continue her journey alongside constituents near and far.

Ward was asked how she plans to ascend this steep climb, she replied, "very carefully and relentlessly. It's going to take every voter to turn out, every willing constituent to be active registered voters and to make sure our communities know we see them, hear them, and "we" want to represent them.

"We are seeking honest and committed volunteers that are unafraid of hard work and concerned about the future of our children to join this endeavor. We will play hard. We will fight fair. This seat deserves to be represented with high standards. We want people to see their contribution as an asset in this movement, not just a donation to a candidate. We ask for your help in this campaign. We look forward to your support in securing a victory on November 8, 2022."

Ward is challenging incumbent State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa).

Ward is a former city councilwoman. She sat on her town commission for planning and zoning meetings and wrote the Articles of Incorporation. She said she knows how to help rural Alabama.

"I was one that fought for a school for our community. When my children were small, I played a major role in naming it," Ward said.

The Democratic Primary will be on May 24, 2022.

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