For several months, residents in the Loxley area have come forward with concerns about possible human trafficking activity near Interstate 10 in Baldwin County.

Witnesses claimed they have seen buses full of immigrants and homeless people being dropped off at Buc-ee’s and picked up by private vehicles or, at times, being left to fend for themselves. A couple who lives close to the store told 1819 News they spoke with one person who was an immigrant with nowhere to go.

Others said they typically see the buses on Saturday mornings. They believe the people are illegal immigrants being dropped off for labor trafficking.

However, Loxley Police say there could be a reasonable explanation.

Lt. Ash Wurzbach told 1819 News there are programs involving transportation buses, and Loxley is a checkpoint for those programs.

“One in particular is the Tornado Charter,” Wurzbach said. “This company buses individuals across the country. They seem to be predominantly Hispanics.”

Wurzbach said the drop-off location used to be Love’s Truck Stop, so it is possible the site has been changed to Buc-ee’s.

Seasonal help could also be an explanation, police say. He said, to his knowledge, those workers are given fair wages. They typically come to the country for work and then leave at the end of the summer season.

“Baldwin County also sees a large amount immigrants come over on Work visas,” Wurzbach continued. “They typically stay in housing provided by the companies and farmers. This could easily be perceived as forced labor.”

Wurzbach said police will keep a close eye on the area in the future. According to numbers from the police department, there has been no increase in crime in the area.

Buc-ee’s has not responded to a media inquiry.

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