Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss a murder charge against an illegal alien after police discovered evidence showing he didn’t commit murder last year.

Walter Escorcia-Gomez, 29, was being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold in the Madison County Jail when the motion was filed.

Prosecutors said surveillance video shows the victim of the November 12, 2023, homicide pulling a gun on Escorcia-Gomez first. Escorcia-Gomez was acting in self-defense when he shot Francisco Ramirez, 33, police found. However, it appears the victim and the suspect in the shooting had been involved in previous disputes.

The District Attorney’s Office believes Ramirez has shot at Escorcia-Gomez once before and told him he would kill him if he saw him again.

Escorcia-Gomez was not arrested until April 4, when he went to the hospital after being assaulted, and police then identified him as the suspect.

Popular Twitter account LibsofTikTok recently highlighted Escorcia-Gomez's case.

Police and the District Attorney’s Office believe the judge will grant the motion to dismiss the case against Escorcia-Gomez.

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