There was some speculation going into Tuesday’s midterm elections about whether a handful of races might turn Madison County from Republican red to a more Democratic purple. However, each of those contests that could’ve gone either way ended in the Republican’s favor.

Republican incumbent Tom Butler defeated Democratic opponent Kim Lewis for Alabama Senate District 2 with 54% of the vote, according to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

In the race of Alabama Senate District 7, Republican incumbent Sam Givhan outperformed Democrat Korey Wilson with 63% of the overall vote.

Republican Phillip K. Rigsby won his bid for Alabama House District 25 over Democratic candidate Mallory Hagan with 58% of the vote.

Among the final few races called Tuesday night, Alabama House District 10 went to Republican David Cole with 52% of the vote over Democratic opponent Marilyn Lands. Libertarian Elijah Boyd earned 3.4% of the overall vote.

Henry Thorton, external relations officer of the mayor's office in Huntsville, pointed out of each of those purple races "came back red."

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