Donald Trump, Jr., took to social media to ask why Alabama cannot pass a bill allowing the people to vote on a lottery. He said gaming is always a hot topic when he talks to people from Alabama.

"I'm excited to be in Alabama next week for a fundraiser for my dad, but whenever I ask anyone from there what's going on in the state this is all they talk about," he tweeted. "Why's their senate refusing to let the people vote on a clean bill to legalize the lottery & fund education when 45 states already do it? Wouldn't they rather keep the billions of $$$ in Alabama instead of sending it to other states? Makes no sense to me!"

Governor Kay Ivey has urged lawmakers to get a lottery bill passed this session.

"My position has remained unchanged. It's time for the voters of Alabama to have their say. Legislators have had their say all along. Now, it's time for the Alabama voters to vote and let's get this done," Ivey told reporters on Wednesday.

In 2021, Trump, former President Donald Trump's eldest son, criticized a gaming bill being considered in Alabama, calling the legislation a "bad bill."

Trump, Jr., will speak at a fundraising event in Birmingham on May 9 for his father, the GOP nominee for president in November.

President Donald Trump was in the casino business for two decades. He established Trump Hotel & Casinos in 1995.

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