A man recently released from an Alabama prison because of the state's mandatory early release law has been rearrested for allegedly raping the same woman he was initially sentenced for assaulting in 2018.

Ronald Coley, 33, was arrested earlier this month for first-degree rape, domestic violence assault and interfering with an emergency call for an alleged assault on his current lawful wife with whom he has two children.

According to Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson, Coley was supposed to receive an ankle monitor after his release but never showed up for a fitting.

Public court records show Coley has a lengthy rap sheet of criminal offenses.

Recently, Coley pled guilty to domestic violence strangulation in January 2018. He was sentenced to a 10-year split sentence in January 2020. Based on the state's recommendation, he was released on probation for "time served" in the county jail after the remainder of the sentence was suspended.

Coley's probation was revoked for absconding supervision in May 2020, fewer than two years later. He was then admitted into the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) custody for 90 days before being back on probation.

In March 2021, his probation was fully revoked. He reportedly failed to check in with his probation officer, tested positive for meth and marijuana, failed to complete drug testing, failed to pay fees and was arrested on new criminal charges of second-degree assault with a firearm and possessing an unlawful firearm.

Coley waved his parole hearing in November 2022 and was later released due to the state's mandatory release law. Altogether, he spent fewer than two years in confinement.

His newest charges consist of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, domestic violence strangulation and assault, all against the same victim he pleaded guilty to assault in 2018, according to public records that contain the victim's name.

The arrest warrant claims Coley beat the victim, who court records claim is Coley's lawful spouse, breaking three ribs and causing bruising to her face and arms while dragging her into a wooded area. The victim allegedly lost consciousness for an unknown period of time during the assault. The warrant also claims Coley forced the victim to perform oral sex and attempted forcible anal sex.

Court records also claim the victim attempted to call 911 during the assault, and Coley threw her phone into the woods.

He was arrested on April 11 and placed in the Escambia County jail.

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