Multiple law enforcement officers and fire personnel responded to a tense situation Monday morning near Government Plaza in Mobile. Although several news reports stated there was an active shooter, Mobile Police public information officer Katrina Frazier said that was untrue.

Frazier said the situation was a man in a car threatening to shoot himself. She advised drivers to avoid the area because officers are still trying to get the man to surrender.

“We want the public to be assured that this is a contained scene,” said Frazier.

Police first responded around 10:45 a.m. to a call about a man in a gray sedan with a gunshot wound. Police believe he was injured in another location, not at Government Plaza. The man was in the car at 205 Government Street, which is next door to the Mobile County District Courthouse. Upon arrival, police approached the vehicle and said the man put a gun to his head. They backed off and began negotiations.

“They are talking to the subject trying to resolve this quickly,” Frazier added.

Frazier said the man was injured but the extent of those injuries is unknown. She said the situation never entered Government Plaza and no gunfire was exchanged from any agency on the scene.

SWAT teams have responded, as well as the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. The Mobile Fire Department is on the scene but has been put on standby and some roadways have been blocked off in the area. The courthouse has been shut down and evacuated.

This is an ongoing investigation and police said they will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Officials said many rumors have been swirling around the scene but police have not confirmed any information on anyone else with injuries.

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