Despite earning 3,715 votes in a state with 3,779,749 registered voters and an estimated 161 million voters nationally, State Rep. Marilyn Lands' (D-Huntsville) allies in the national mainstream media continue to tie statewide and national significance to her special election victory on Tuesday.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Lands insisted her statistical landslide win over Madison City Councilman Teddy Powell showed a rebuke of Alabama's pro-life policies.

"On March 6, I think, or at least it was reported March 6, that Representative Anthony Daniels from Huntsville introduced the Right to Contraception Act. I remember when I was down in Alabama, people telling me, they're coming for contraception, too," MSNBC's Ali Velshi said. "It's actually hard for women who are not covered or don't have insurance to get a doctor's appointment if they don't already have one. So, this — this idea, even getting contraception is something that has become more difficult in Alabama than it was before the fall of Roe."

"Exactly," Lands replied. "And I'm very fearful because when the Dobbs decision was handed down, and Alabama pulled the Trigger Act, all other states followed. And my biggest fear is that whatever we do next is going to spread. And so, we got to stop it here. And I think the victory last night really shows that that's what the people want. We are ready to stand up for women's health, reproductive freedom. It's not something that the legislature should be involved in. It's a personal, personal decision."

The newly elected Madison County Democrat did acknowledge voters in her district were "a little different" than those in the rest of Alabama.

"So, that — that sounds like a very strong argument in a conservative state," Velshi added. "What does the rest of the argument look like, when — when — you know, you saw Joe Biden and the — and Vice President Harris talking about this, you as an example and about your campaign, how does it go in red states? Tell me — tell me what the argument is to be able to say you've got to come out and vote because your rights are being taken away?"

"I have found that, at least in this district, which does tend to be a little different than the rest of Alabama, that many people who consider themselves traditional Republicans are standing with this issue, and especially when the IVF ruling came down, that there's just been this pushback that we have gone too far. And we need to move forward. And that's what I think this victory signifies," Lands replied.

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