At the rate it was going, the legal saga between political consulting groups Matrix LLC and Canopy Partners was destined to result in the mutually assured destruction of all involved.

However, an apparent truce was called on Wednesday between Matrix founder Joe Perkins and Canopy Partners head and former Matrix CEO Jeff Pitts.

As first reported by's John Archibald, the parties reached an agreement in their legal battle.

Court filings obtained by 1819 News also show the voluntary dismissal of Canopy Partners' lawsuit in Duval County, Fla., Circuit Court against Perkins.

"My company Matrix, LLC has reached a resolution of our claims against former employees," Perkins said in a statement given to the Orlando Sentinel. "The terms of the settlement are confidential, and we look forward to moving forward and continuing our focus on the needs of our clients."

Also, according to the Sentinel, John Collins, a spokesman for Pitts, confirmed to the paper that the lawsuit was "mutually resolved."

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