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Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman?" speaking tour is stopping in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama on October 27, despite some student complaints.

A news release by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), the tour's sponsor, announced the conservative commentator would be making six campus stops across the country "to push back against the indoctrination and bring a harsh dose of reality to their peers, professors, and local communities."

"I literally traveled the world to find a leftist who could coherently answer the question, 'What is a woman?' As you'll see in the film, it turns out a college professor was one of the least capable of answering," Matt Walsh said in a statement. "I can't think of a better way to continue my journey than to go into the belly of the beast – American college campuses – and expose radical gender ideology. I welcome any of your professors to step up to the Q&A mic and do what none of their radical colleagues and other 'experts' have yet been able to do - tell me what is a woman?"

The news release stated that several more campus tour dates for the fall semester would soon be announced.

According to the University of Alabama's student newspaper, The Crimson White, the Student Government Association (SGA) approved $7,135.53 at a September 29 meeting for YAF to host the event despite a couple of attempts by SGA senators to delay a decision on funding the event.

Tyler Tannehill, an SGA senator, told The Crimson White that he was glad he wasn't the only senator to speak up with concerns over the YAF funding. 

"Matt Walsh is a problematic person. And that's just to put it lightly," Tannehill told the student newspaper. "That's an understatement. He is someone who perpetuates hateful ideas that goes contrary to the Capstone values and what should be regarded as the pursuit of knowledge." 

Walsh is the host of "The Matt Walsh Show" and author of the best-selling children's book Johnny the Walrus. His documentary "What is a Woman?" was released in June.

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