Jordan Vaughn, M.D., internist, founder and CEO of MedHelp and co-founder of the Concerned Doctors organization, spoke on the "Rick & Bubba University" podcast about COVID and treatments for it.

Vaughn said he was unsure if we will ever know exactly how COVID-19 came to be, but he said he felt the information was hidden. He explained how doctors were urged to follow strict orders on patients, even when they thought there might be a better method.

According to Vaughn, in medicine, the scientific method has long told us that different illnesses and people have different treatment options. However, he said COVID was not treated that way by those in charge. As different versions of the virus began to develop, doctors were pushed by Washington and the CDC to stick with the same vaccine and treatments and were threatened with their medical licenses when they tried anything else.

"As the virus changes, the molecules that we might use might change," said Vaughn. "And again, to pick one thing and say, 'This will never work is kind of, again, a very elementary view of what we do in medicine.

"[I]f you don't follow the two C's of medicine, care about the patient in front of you and be curious about why they're in your office, you're not going to be a good doctor," said Vaughn.

Vaughn said information people needed to know was filtered somewhere between public health officials and the media.

Regarding the vaccine, Vaughn said he does not believe the benefit is worth the risks.

"Once you look at it and see the scientific evidence, you go, 'Oh my gosh!'" he said. "I mean, people are smart, especially in the medical field, and when you look at it, you go, 'Oh wow, and that explains a ton.' Now, if the vaccine prevented people from getting COVID, you could make the argument that exposure to this might be beneficial, but it doesn't."

Vaughn said it appeared the first two shots had not caused as many issues for patients, but the boosters have. He recommends people stop getting the vaccine.

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