Earlier this year, in remarks given during a Zoom call to Alabama-based consulting firm BMSS Inc., U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant argued for more legal immigration to the United States.

His reasoning was legal immigration was beneficial to specific sectors of the economy despite some saying such measures depressed wages by increasing the amount of available labor.

In an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show" on Friday, Durant stuck by that claim and said such an immigration policy was "America First."

Durant charged his opponents were conflating legal immigration and illegal immigration.

"I disagree," Durant said. "I think it is 'America First.' My position is build the wall, stop illegal immigration. There is no compromise there whatsoever. And in terms of who is going to be tough on that -- I don't think there's any question about who is tough in this race, OK? It is absolutely paramount that we stop illegal immigration. That is the number one issue I hear everywhere across the state.

"How we deal with people who want to come here legally to participate in our economy, pay taxes, be a part of this great nation that we have built, which was built on immigrants, is another issue, and they're trying to tie the two together, and again, mislead the voters and say that I am not tough on illegal immigration. I am the toughest on illegal immigration."

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