Republicans went into the midterm election Tuesday hoping to take back Congress from Democrats in a "red wave." When that didn't happen, many began speculating about what led to the low performance, but U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) said the GOP has no one to blame but themselves.

"For more than two decades, all across America, GOP office-holders have dismally failed to protect and promote moral values, border security, liberty and freedom, balanced budgets, family incomes, the public's interests (not special interests), free enterprise, and the like," Brooks told 1819 News.

"In light of those failures, no one should be surprised when more and more patriotic Americans decline to go vote, or vote for GOP candidates, based on their belief that those GOP candidates will similarly refuse to protect and promote America's foundational principles."

Brooks called out moderate Republicans for straying too close to the middle of the aisle on key issues when most of their base has clear, conservative expectations.

"Being slightly less liberal, slightly less financially irresponsible, than Socialist Democrats does nothing for patriotic, freedom-loving Americans because the endgame is the same: a national insolvency and bankruptcy that risks an America it took our ancestors more than two centuries to build," he said. "In a nutshell, voters are sick of deception and empty promises. Neither inspires patriotic citizens to vote."

Brooks said the 2022 general election results spoke "loud and clear" to these problems in the Republican party, but he also pointed to Florida as one apparent exception.

"There is one 2022 GOP Shining Star: Florida's Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis is a fellow, now former, member of the House Freedom Caucus," Brooks said. "He is proof citizens will overwhelmingly support honest, conservative, GOP candidates who actually mean the campaign promises they make."

Days before the midterm election, Brooks compared DeSantis to Donald Trump, saying Trump's "crude" style would alienate voters.

"I know both Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump very well," Brooks tweeted. "Trump's crude name-calling & poor character alienates voters & is why a basement-dwelling candidate is in White House, Dems have House & Senate majorities, McCain opposed ObamaCare repeal, etc., etc."

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