Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL-5) brought his U.S. Senate campaign to Pell City where he was the guest of the St. Clair County Republican Party at a luncheon at the Pell City Steakhouse.

St. Clair Republican Party Chairman Ren Wheeler introduced the candidate at the luncheon. Brooks is running for the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) who is retiring at the end of this term – his sixth.

“Republicans have to stick together or we are going to lose our nation to the socialist Democrats,” Brooks said.

Brooks said that in the last five independent polls not affiliated with one of the campaigns, he was in first place with around 35%.

“They're fighting for second place,” Brooks said. “One is at 24 and one is at 25 (percent). Mike Durant is in second in four out of five polls and Katie Britt is second in one poll.

“I am the only conservative in the top three. The bottom tier three are at 5% combined.”

Brooks said other conservatives from around the state and nation have continued to endorse him. He said that in addition to President Trump, he has been endorsed by Eagle Forum, Club for Growth, Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Freedomworks, Sebastian Gorka, Mark Levine, and other conservatives. He said he has a proven record. 

“I am the only one who voted against Doug Jones in 2017,” Brooks said. “He was the deciding vote on us not voting to repeal socialized medicine in Obamacare.”

Brooks reminded the crowd that opponent Katie Britt was Richard Shelby’s chief of staff.

“Remember Richard Shelby going on national TV and urging Republicans not to vote for our candidate (Roy Moore)?” Brooks asked.

Brooks also alleged that Britt’s campaign contributions were coming from “the open borders cheap labor crowd.”

Brooks suggested that opponent Mike Durant could be another John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, or Mitt Romney in the Senate.

“The most important thing that elected officials do is vote,” Brooks said, pointing out that Mike Durant has rarely voted in state or local elections and has never voted in a Republican primary. “Conservatives vote in elections. That is what we do.”

Brooks said he has always term-limited himself and he is thankful for his experiences in office and as a public servant, although his opponents have turned that against him calling him a career politican.

“One of the distinctions between myself and the other candidates is that I am the only one who has been elected to office,” Brooks said. “...The voters like the job I have done and they want me to stay there.”

On Ukraine, Brooks said, “They have had a taste of liberty and freedom after the boot that was on their neck (as a part of the USSR for 75 years) and they are fighting for their freedom.”

Lillie Boddie, Katie Britt, Mo Brooks, Karla M. Dupriest, Mike Durant, and Jake Schafer are all running for Senate in the Alabama Republican primary on May 24.

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