Congressman Mo Brooks has announced that he will vote “No” on H.R. 4521.

The America COMPETES (America Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Pre-Eminence in Technology, and Economic Strength) Act, which Brooks referred to as “America Concedes to China Act,” is being considered by the House. 

Those supporting the bill claim that it will strengthen the economy by allowing valuable training for American entrepreneurs to start successful businesses.

Many opposing the bill have said that the excessive spending inherent in the bill will do more harm than good and would, in fact, create a larger market for overseas manufacturing.

Brooks said the nearly 3,000-page bill, among other things, authorizes importing an unlimited number of foreign workers who take jobs from and suppress the wages of struggling American workers and their families.

“'America Concedes to China Act’ empowers labor unions, borrows and gives $8 billion to the United Nations Green Climate Fund, creates a new, costly directorate to focus on ‘social and economic inequality,’ and advances other radical ‘woke’ policies,” Brooks said.

Brooks claims that the bill would allow for further illegal immigration, ultimately harming the American economy.

“Perhaps worst of all, the ‘America Concedes to China Act’s' radical immigration expansions will crush American workers," Brooks said. "There is no limit to the harm Joe Biden and Socialist Democrat allies will inflict on the American people in their pursuit of dictatorial political power. They import and then aid and abet tens of millions of illegal aliens, at great cost to American taxpayers, and, to make matters worse, legally import tens of millions of foreign workers who invariably take jobs from and suppress wages of American workers.”

Brooks continued to address the “counterproductive immigration policies” he believes are inherent in the bill, stating that creating a novel visa category leaves the nation open for a large influx of immigrants. 

“Importing virtually unlimited numbers of Hong Kong residents— these are good people but America can only absorb so many tsunamis of foreign workers before breaking the backs of struggling American families.”

Creating a new nonimmigrant visa category for ‘entrepreneurs and employees’ that includes entrepreneurs with an ownership interest in a start-up entity, essential employees of said entity, and the spouses and children of both the entity’s owners and employees.

Brooks stated the bill “Provides an unlimited number of green cards for foreign nationals such as ‘outstanding professors and researchers,’ a well-known source of Chinese espionage.” 

Brooks concluded by addressing wage suppression.

“Wage suppression caused by illegal aliens and the importation of cheap foreign workers results in wage losses of around $2,750 a year for hardworking Americans," said Brooks. "Additionally, it’s estimated that roughly 7 million illegal aliens hold jobs in America. That’s on top of the roughly 1 million foreign worker visas America already grants each year (which Socialist Democrats seek to expand with the ‘America Concedes to China Act’). That means that currently 8+ million American jobs are held by foreign workers and American blue-collar wages are, on average, $2,750 per year less because of cheap foreign labor importers.”

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