Former U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks has a bone to pick with U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile).

After Brooks called out Congress for increasing its compensation by over $39,000 without a floor debate, Carl accused Brooks of only complaining because he's no longer in office to benefit.

"I guarantee, if Mo Brooks was still in office, he would be the first one screaming, 'We need it, we deserve it,'" Carl said, referring to the pay increase.

Brooks later responded by saying nothing could be further from the truth and that Carl should "do some homework" before throwing around accusations.

"I have served as a state legislator and Congressman for 20+ years. During that span, I have never voted to increase my compensation in any way, shape or form," Brooks told 1819 News. "Carl's half-assed claim that I would have supported the pay raise are false, he knows there is zero basis for what he said, and he should not degrade his office by being so untruthful.

"Carl should also do some semblance of homework before making such patently false assertions," Brooks continued. "Unless, of course, Carl's intent was to deflect away from his own conduct by attacking the truthful messenger of Congress's $39,000+, tax-free compensation increase, apparently clandestinely gifted by a mere six Democrats on the Committee on House Administration, without a hearing or public vote."

Carl said the increase was slipped into a bill by then-U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the last minute in December 2022, catching him and his colleagues by surprise. Still, he said the raise is needed to attract the best candidates to serve in Washington. Brooks argued the raise was "self-serving" and a "clandestine way" for Congress to pad its own pockets at the taxpayers' expense.

"In sum, Carl's false and emotional statements and dodges reflect poorly on his character," Brooks added. "... Carl is angry his hand was caught in the cookie jar and reacted poorly once caught."

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