U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05) accused his primary two Senate opponents of hiding and not wanting to debate him on the issues. Brooks made the comments while holding a townhall campaign event in Shelby County at the Hwy 59 café in Lee Branch in Hoover where he took questions from the audience.

“I am the only proven conservative in this race,” Brooks said. “Of the top three candidates I am the only one who voted against Doug Jones in December of 2017.”

Brooks said that Britt is being backed by all of the “special interests that want open borders and cheap foreign labor.”

“They all oppose me why? Because every year I have been in congress I have been an A+ rating on immigration and border security from Numbers USA.”

“They have chosen Katie Britt,” Brooks said of the special interests. “They have done their homework to endorse that this candidate (Britt) is soft on fighting cheap foreign labor.”

Brooks said that neither Britt nor Durant voted in the special election where Republican nominee former Chief Justice Roy Moore was upset by Democratic nominee former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones. This is the only statewide race where a Democratic nominee defeated a Republican nominee since 2008.

“Katie Britt says that she did not vote because she was living and working in Washington D.C.; but she voted in the Republican primary. How did you vote in the Republican primary if you also lived and worked in Washington.”

Brooks blamed incumbent U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R) for Jones’ upset win over Moore.

“Richard Shelby went on national TV encouraging Republican not to vote for our nominee,” Brooks said. “Who was Richard Shelby’s chief of staff when they did that? Katie Britt. They teamed up to elect Doug Jones.”

“Mike Durant has not voted in a single Republican primary in 13 years,” Brooks said. “He has not voted in a single legislative race. He has not voted in a single gubernatorial race. As conservative we vote religiously. We vote to protect our conservative values. That really tells us that he does not share our conservative values.”

Brooks said that the “Leftwing Lincoln project” is backing Mike Durant.

“Mike Durant is the Trojan horse candidate,” Brooks said. “According to the Lincoln Project people he does not share our values.”

“They want a Senator like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins,” Brooks said. “Those are three Republicans that voted to confirm this radical judge to the Supreme Court. I am not getting $15 million from liberal groups to vote like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.”

“If they ever supported Donald Trump then prove it,” Brooks said of his two primary opponents. “I have seen zero evidence that Katie Britt or Mike Durant ever supported Donald Trump. Where are the tweets? the social media supports? the statements showing they contributed to Donald Trump?”

“Donald Trump endorsed me in 2018,” Brooks said. “Donald Trump endorsed me in 2020.”

“I led the fight from November 3 to January 6 challenging the election results,” Brooks said. “Where were Katie Britt and Mike Durant?”

“You aren’t seeing any of this in the media, because they all support Katie Britt,” Brooks said.

Recent polling has Brooks trailing both Durant and Britt.

Lillie Boddie, Britt, Brooks, Durant, Karla Dupriest and Jake Schafer are all running for Senate in the Republican primary on May 24.

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