Residents west of the city of Mobile will vote on July 18 on an annexation plan recently approved by the city council.

The plan includes the four areas labeled Airport Corridor, Cottage Hill Corridor, Kings Branch and Orchard Estates. If voters approve annexation, the population of Mobile would grow to 213,000, making it the second-largest city in the state.

City officials have been pushing annexation for months, saying more population will mean more federal dollars. There was some opposition leading up to the city council's approval of a plan, but in the end, all councilors voted to grow the city.

The city has launched a new website to share information and answer questions. Information about specific areas that will vote, voting locations, tax rates and amenities are listed on the website, along with maps of annexation areas. 

"We are excited to invite our neighbors to the west to officially join the City of Mobile," Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. "Growing the city's population can help secure a brighter future for the entire region, and there are many benefits to becoming a full citizen of Mobile. We hope this website can help residents in the proposed annexation areas find the answers they need to make an informed decision."

In a video posted on YouTube, Stimpson said voting to annex into the city would end "taxation without representation."

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