MOBILE — The Mobile City Council met Tuesday to discuss how to move forward with an investigation into allegations made by former police chief Paul Prine.

Prine said he filed two separate grievances against members of the city’s administration following what he called “the appearance of improprieties” concerning financial activity.

First, the council discussed what the scope of the investigation would be, and then they discussed who would do it.

The scope was defined by asking whether each allegation was illegal, unethical or out of policy. The Alabama Ethics Commission will set the standard of ethics.

Councilman Joel Daves said his concern was narrowing the scope of the investigation so the special counsel would know what to look into.

“If we don’t be very careful about defining the scope of this investigation, we’re going to be there forever,” said Daves.

The categories that will be investigated are ShotSpotter and how the contract came about, how the Gulf Coast Technology Center operates with MPD, whether grievances were investigated and how Prine’s leave was handled.

Councilmen Ben Reynolds and Josh Woods provided options for the special counsel and emailed some options to other council members. They said their biggest concern was finding either a law firm or an investigative firm with no interest in the City of Mobile. They also want a firm experienced in these types of investigations and a firm that can complete the investigation in a timely manner.

The council has not yet made a decision on which firm to hire.

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