The Mobile City Council approved enacting subpoena powers after the special counsel investigating claims by former police chief Paul Prine said they are having trouble getting documents and supplemental testimony.

Commander Kevin Levy of the Gulf Coast Technology Center has already been interviewed under oath for the investigation. Still, the special counsel claims that since that interview, Levy's private attorney refused to turn over the requested documents. The special counsel said it requested supplemental documents via email on July 2.

Now, they want "any and all matters, both documentary and testimonial, raised in correspondence from the Special Counsel to Counsel for Kevin Levy dated July 2, 2024."

On the evening of July 8, Levy's private attorney emailed the special counsel, saying those materials would not be provided.

Due to the special counsel's nearing the 45-day deadline for the investigation, they felt it necessary to enact emergency subpoena powers to obtain the information.

The Gulf Coast Technology Center and its leadership were brought into question after Prine alleged the appearance of improprieties between the center and 321z Insights, which was awarded a $92,000 contract to review Operation Echo Stop, a crime prevention initiative that uses technology, such as ShotSpotter, to fight crime.

Prine claimed it could look like something was being done under the table because 321z Insights was formed as a company just one week before being awarded the contract.

City officials say they are all cooperating with the special counsel, and so far, this is the only official that investigators have had to subpoena.

The council unanimously approved the move to issue the subpoena.

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