MOBILE — Mobile City Councilman Scott Jones is calling for something to be done about the leadership of AltaPointe Health after the company received a guilty verdict in a civil case.

A Mobile County Circuit Court jury reached a $7 million verdict concerning the rape of a patient at BayPointe Children's Psychiatric Hospital in Mobile.

Jones said since the story on AltaPointe was published, he has heard from other parents who said their children were victims. He said he's also heard from former employees who were afraid to come forward publicly about what they witnessed during their time at AltaPointe.

"This is not just about this case," Jones said. "This is about the culture at AltaPointe."

AltaPointe released a statement after the verdict saying it would appeal the decision by the court, and although they sympathize with the victim, they said what happened to him would not be something employees would allow to happen.

Jones said he was disappointed in the reaction by AltaPointe CEO Tuerk Schlesinger.

"I don't know of any corporation or institution of these United States of America that would accept this out of their CEO," Jones said to the council. "I commanded in the United States Army for over five years, two different instances from a Captain to a Lieutenant Colonel. If I ignored this type of event and allowed it to happen over and over and over again, I would be relieved a lot sooner than this."

Jones said he has spoken to the Mobile County Commissioners' office and state lawmakers about the issues. He plans to go before the mental health board.

"This must stop, and the only way to get this to stop is to deal with this from a leadership perspective," he said.

AltaPointe has not yet responded to a media request from 1819 News.

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