Mobile City Councilman Scott Jones, District 6, announced he is resigning his position in the regular council meeting Tuesday morning.

Jones said despite accusations of abuse from AltaPointe staff and even a $7 million verdict in a civil case in which a juvenile patient was raped by another patient, the city continues to fund and support AltaPointe Health Systems.

For months, Jones has complained in council meetings and asked the city not support the organization.

“It’s funny how every time I talk about AltaPointe, in this setting, I get a phone call, shortly thereafter, with another abuse that has happened at that organization,” he said during the meeting Tuesday. “The same thing happened this past week. I cannot continue to sit on this council that allows an environment that creates the conditions to allow this abuse to continue, defends those actions and then funds the organization where those actions exist.”

After receiving information from parents of patients, Jones has presented information. He said that information shows the abuse of the most vulnerable. He also accused other council members of attempting to “shut down” parents who have come forward with complaints.

“We have the ability to impact change yet we refuse to do that, as a council, as a county commission and as city leadership,” Jones continued.

Jones used a personal relationship with an abuser as an example of how supporting the programs offered by AltaPointe go against his values and beliefs.

“How many of us would have a friend that hits his wife or breaks their children’s arms and say, ‘that’s okay?” Jones added.

Although he doesn’t believe he can change the stance the city has with AltaPointe, he said he hopes to serve from another position. He said he will offer and official statement in a couple of weeks.

The announcement of resignation came after Mayor Sandy Stimpson presented two proclamations in support of organizations during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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