Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson released a video Monday showing the positive aspects of annexation for areas west of Mobile.

Residents will have the opportunity to vote on the annexation plan on July 18. Stimpson said he has met with people in the applicable areas to address concerns and answer questions. 

“Several people I've spoken to didn't realize they were already contributing taxes to the City of Mobile without getting a say in our city government,” Stimpson said in a newsletter Monday. “Others weren't sure exactly what services city residents receive.”

The latest video outlines services offered to residents in the city limits. Those include guaranteed police and fire protection, emergency medical services, free garbage and trash pickup and funding for capital improvements such as roads, parks and drainage.

"Did you know West Mobile residents are paying taxes to the City of Mobile but have no say in its city elections?" the video states. "Elected representatives who you aren't allowed to vote for are deciding how to spend your money every day. That's taxation without representation, but you could change that by joining the City of Mobile."

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There was some pushback on annexation from some Mobile residents who said they wanted the city to spend money on improvements already needed in city limits. However, Stimpson's office says that annexation will mean more federal dollars to improve all parts of the city.

Stimpson asks residents to share the video with anyone in the annexation-proposed areas.

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