The Mobile City Council has a full slate on Tuesday's agenda, including two resolutions concerning embattled Police Chief Paul Prine.

The council will first consider a resolution to allow a third-party investigation into allegations made by Prine after he was placed on administrative leave.

Those allegations include "improper administration of the Mobile Police Department; lack of control over the Mobile Police Department intelligence division also referred to the MPD Cyber or the Gulf Coast Technology Center; alleged failures or deficiencies in the 'ShotSpotter' program and the commissioning of a peer review or other investigation of same by 321z Insights, LLC via Council resolution 21-1249 in November of 2023; failure of the City to address or resolve written grievances filed by Chief Prine; collusion between City officials and third parties in an attempt to silence or else remove Chief Prine from his position; improper attempts to control or run the Mobile Police Department by members of the City Administration outside the Mobile Police Department; and allegations that contracts have been improperly entered into without the consent of the Mobile City Council."

The resolution, sponsored by Council President C.J. Small and Council member William Carroll, states that the council has been tasked with considering a resolution to remove Prine from office, but they feel an investigation is needed to find the truth before making that decision.

"If the cause of and truth or falsity of these complaints are not fully investigated and addressed, the potential exists for malaise and loss of efficiency at the Mobile Police Department as well as the City Administration more broadly, and an erosion of and loss of public confidence in the City of Mobile," the resolution states.

If the resolution is passed, the council will appoint an investigative committee, appointing an attorney to serve as special counsel. The committee would have to file a full report on the investigation within 90 days.

However, Mayor Sandy Stimpson wants the resolution to remove Prine to be approved before the resolution to conduct an investigation is approved.

"Over the last ten days, we have all listened to allegations concerning city officials and their families, false accusations of impropriety and conspiracy theories," Stimpson stated. "I've watched the negative impact this has had on our community long enough. It is time for the situation to be resolved."

Stimpson said his administration would support a third-party investigation to restore public trust but said public safety is his top priority.

"Most importantly, these recent events have drastically impacted the morale of the Mobile Police Department and painted the City of Mobile in a negative light," Stimpson continued. "Our officers are among the best in the country. These men and women put their lives on the line to protect this community every day and they deserve clear leadership without continued distractions."

The Mobile City Council meeting scheduled for April 23 will begin at 3 p.m. instead of the usual 10:30 a.m.

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