MOBILE — Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine said a fatal officer-involved shooting Tuesday resulted from an investigation into the victim's brother.

Kordell Jones, 24, was shot by an officer during the execution of a search warrant in connection to an armed robbery that happened in February. Prine said after officers and SWAT breached the home, Kordell Jones jumped naked from a window with an AR pistol. Prine said Kordell Jones encountered an officer who used deadly force.

Prine said officers rendered aid to Kordell Jones on the scene, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Kordell Jones' brother, Jason Jones, was arrested at the scene at 856 Charles Street.

"I would like to say that all of this started simply with Jason Jones," said Prine. "Jason Jones was being investigated as part of an armed robbery. He was also a person of interest in reference to a homicide investigation that occurred on Orange Street back in February. And he has known affiliations with a local gang faction that has a propensity and has shown to be very violent over the last year and a half or so."

Video evidence of the incident has been sent to the District Attorney's office. Prine said he would not release that footage, but the officer fired around four rounds at Kordell Jones. Investigators said six other occupants, including a child, came out of the home and complied with officers,

"Listen, this is tragic," Prine added. "And as I've said before, we don't take lightly any time there is a death in our community. It doesn't matter if it's at the hands of a criminal or the unfortunate incident with the hands of a police officer. This is a stain on our community. This is what we've been battling this entire time. There is nothing I could say today that would mitigate, resolve or make right to the family. I understand they're upset. They have a right to be upset. And there is nothing I can say today that would bring comfort to them other than I am personally praying for their family."

Prine also said the shooting is an example of how criminal activity can impact the families of the criminal.

"What your family members do matters," he said. "You've heard me say, 'when you hear something, when you see something, say something.' Because it could be the very thing that saves your loved one's life."

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