A Baldwin County woman is starting a chapter of Moms for Liberty, a nationwide non-profit with the mission to organize and empower parents to defend their rights.

Rebecca Watson, of Fairhope, said she recognized a need and wanted to help those interested in protecting parental rights and giving children a voice.

“If we can get in front of these issues, then we can stop the problems,” Watson told 1819 News. “But if we wait too long and we are trying to recover from something that has already happened, it is so difficult. The other thing that Moms for Liberty does is follow legislation. They meet with their representatives, and they advocate with their constituents by being proactive with the legislation. That’s wonderful, and I love that.”

Watson said she was contacted by the leader of another Moms for Liberty chapter after 1819 News published a story with her speaking in Fairhope against allowing minors to witness drag shows.

“I had never heard of Moms for Liberty, and she explained their mission, what they do and what they’re passionate about and it very much lined up with my views and what I’m passionate about,” said Watson. “I saw the need in Baldwin County, and I think it’s really important.”

To join Moms for Liberty, Watson said you do not have to be a mom or even a woman. All members of the community are invited to get involved.

“If you align with protecting parental rights and the innocence of our children, then you are someone who would be a candidate for our group,” she explained. “Additionally, we are just very peaceful, level-headed and we are interested in educating the public of what’s happening here in Alabama and just making sure people are aware.”

Watson is in the process of getting the Baldwin County chapter initiated. In the meantime, she said those interested can send an email to momsforlibertybaldwincounty@gmail.com. There will be monthly meetings, but the location has not been confirmed.

“If we fight for our children today, we will have a better tomorrow,” she said.

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