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Democratic candidate Phillip Ensler has unseated Republican incumbent Charlotte Meadows in the first Republican-to-Democrat House flip in over a decade.

The race for House District 74 was a question mark for many since the state’s recent controversial redistricting changed its demographics, creating a majority-black district.

The race was called around 10 p.m. showing Ensler with 60% of the votes with 90% of the votes being tallied.

Ensler, a prominent advocate, civil rights attorney and former policy advisor to Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, has been active in the Montgomery area for years. 

Ensler campaigned on the need for education improvement, criminal justice reform, community health, and economic mobility, claiming that, if elected, the district had a chance to “bring advocacy, accountability, and action to the State House.”

Ensler also received plentiful support from powerful entities across the state.

See also: Montgomery power brokers, high-profile Democrats line up for Phillip Ensler against GOP incumbent Charlotte Meadows in HD74.

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