John Ed Mathison is a busy, busy “retired” minister. I must put “retired” in quotation marks because John Ed serves daily within his large and growing circle of influence.

The long-time senior pastor of Montgomery megachurch Frazer Memorial speaks at all kinds of venues. He runs a daily email Biblically-based advice column. He broadcasts a daily podcast. He films a weekly video.

As we all start a New Year, John Ed, as almost everyone calls him, has made a common sense suggestion for a New Year’s resolution for a life change. He suggests patterning your life after these special Biblical characters — The Apostle Paul. Enoch. Jehosophat. Moses. Job. Andrew. Stephen.

Here is John Ed’s daily email for today:

During this new year, let me suggest some Biblical characters you may want to pattern your life after.

Be like Paul. Forget those things which are behind and press forward to what’s before. Like Enoch. Walk in daily fellowship with your Heavenly Father.

Like Jehosapat. Prepare your heart to seek God.

Like Moses. Choose rather to suffer than to enjoy the pleasures of sins for a season.

Like Job. Be patient under all circumstances.

Like Caleb and Joshua. Refuse to be discouraged because of superior numbers.

Like Andrew. Strive to lead your family to Christ.

Like Stephen. Express a forgiving spirit.

Like Paul. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

These are some heroes you can follow in 2024. 

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Patterning special Bible characters - what a commonsense resolution for the New Year or any time of the year.

Jim Zeigler is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at [email protected].

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