A Montgomery woman is suing a local daycare, claiming that while in their care, her child was neglected and injured by the staff.

The lawsuit was filed for a year-old minor, identified as LAK, through her mother, Star Kirkendoll.

The lawsuit claims that LAK was a Rizing Starz Childcare Center, LLC student in Montgomery in August when the reported injuries occurred.

The suit does not name specific workers at the daycare but claims that multiple daycare workers were negligent in caring for LAK.

"The minor plaintiff was left alone for hours at a time while said employees slept and/or otherwise were distracted and failed to watch the child," the lawsuit reads. "Not only was the child left alone and without supervision, but the employees also placed a blanket over her face for hours at [a] time, endangering the child and putting her at risk of suffocation."

"Further, said employees injured the child and failed to take appropriate action to care for her injuries and notify her parent," it adds.

Attorney Candace Towns Brown filed the lawsuit with the Alexander Shunnarah Injury Law Firm.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for the physical injuries allegedly sustained by LAK and the continued physical and emotional trauma suffered by LAK.

The daycare is listed on the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) website, which gives the facility a one-star rating.  

This is one of several complaints of mistreatment or abuse in Alabama daycares this year.

In May, three church daycare workers in Prattville were arrested after being indicted on more than 40 charges involving abusing children ages two and younger.

In July, one daycare in Jefferson Co. was accused of forcing children to ingest hot sauce as a form of punishment or discipline for students.

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