DECATUR — The Morgan County District Attorney's office issued subpoenas to 19 people on Monday, according to court records, to uncover how the body cam footage of the officer-involved shooting death of Stephen Perkins was leaked.

Last week, 1819 News published the footage.

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The list includes multiple high-ranking Decatur Police Department (DPD) employees, including Police Chief Todd Pinion, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) employees, Decatur City Councilman Hunter Pepper, and James Marquette.

On Monday evening, community members addressed the Decatur City Council during a public comment portion of a council working session. They continued to call for members to resign and called on the police chief to resign or for Mayor Tab Bowling to fire him.

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Bowling left during this portion of the meeting, as he has been doing since January 29.

With one of the city's police officers having been charged with murder, some say they view Bowling's actions as him refusing to live up to his duty and taking criticism from the community.

Bowling said, "While the public comments initially provided a valuable avenue for community expression, it has become evident that many comments are no longer constructive."

The memorandum asks that the witnesses appear for the April 8 hearing before Judge Charles Elliott at 1:30 PM.

Morgan County DA Supeonas ALEA by bradley.cox on Scribd

Although the investigation into the shooting took six months to charge the officer, the investigation to find the person who leaked the video has been expedited.

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According to News 19, Pepper said he knew about the subpoena but could not comment further.

Huntsville media have thus far refused to air the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency body cam footage of the shooting death.

However, many outlets, including WAFF, WHNT, FOX 54, and others, immediately aired the neighbor's security camera and Ring doorbell footage.

According to WAAY, protesters met at Decatur City Hall to express disapproval of what they saw in that leaked video.

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