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Perkins shooting Alabama News
Permanent gag order issued in case of officer-involved shooting death of Stephen Perkins following video release

Morgan County Circuit Judge Charles Elliott issued a permanent gag order in the case of Mac Bailey Marquette, a Decatur police officer charged with murder in the death of Stephen Perkins.

Alabama political news mother Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Momma, I’ve been shot'; 'I love you like no other, Mama'

Two different mothers, two different communities, two different tragedies that nonetheless remind us of how unspeakably fragile life can be.  

Hunter Pepper Alabama News
Decatur Councilman Hunter Pepper joins Mayor Tab Bowling in no longer listening to public comments due to 'threats,' 'harassment'

During Decatur's Monday evening city council work session, Councilman Hunter Pepper announced he would no longer be staying to listen to those comments due to "threats" and harassment." This follows a decision Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling made back in January.

Morgan County CH Alabama News
Morgan County DA issues subpoenas in Decatur's Perkins shooting body cam footage leak investigation

The Morgan County Prosecutor, working under District Attorney Scott Anderson, issued subpoenas to 19 people on Monday, according to court records, in an effort to uncover how the body cam footage of the officer-involved shooting death of Stephen Perkins was leaked.

Steve Perkins Alabama News
Huntsville media refuse to air ALEA body cam footage of Stephen Perkins shooting

Huntsville media have refused to air the ALEA body cam footage in the shooting death of Stephen Perkins in Decatur.

Perkins shooting Alabama News
Exclusive — Watch: ALEA video with bodycam footage of Decatur Police shooting involving Stephen Perkins

In the early morning hours of September 29, 2023, Decatur Police Officers were assisting in a repossession when they shot and killed Stephen Perkins.

Tab Bowling Alabama News
Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling says city will begin enforcing protest permit requirements

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling issued a statement Thursday saying the city will begin enforcing permit requirements for protesting.

decatur police Alabama News
ALEA turns over findings in investigation of Decatur Police shooting

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency announced Tuesday it had concluded its investigation into the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of Stephen Perkins in Decatur.

US District Court Northern District of Alabama Decatur Alabama News
Stephen Perkins family files federal lawsuit in death case; Names of officers revealed

The attorney for the family of Stephen Perkins has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the Perkins family

Decatur City Hall Alabama News
Decatur officials terminate 3 officers, suspend 1 involved in death of Stephen Perkins: 'Effective Immediately'

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling held a press conference Thursday afternoon to discuss the fate of the officers involved in a shooting that led to the death of Stephen Perkins on September 29.

Steve Perkins photo Alabama News
Decatur Police Chief determines department policies were violated in shooting of Stephen Perkins

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling released a statement Monday in response to the shooting death of a man killed during an interaction with police.

Dash cam decatur Alabama News
Decatur PD 'erred in stating' Stephen Perkins refused to drop his firearm before being shot dead

The Decatur Police Department vowed to be transparent during the investigation into the death of Stephen Perkins.

Dash cam decatur Alabama News
Protests underway at Ivey event following Decatur officer-involved shooting

Protesters gathered Tuesday outside the Double Tree Hotel in Decatur, where Gov. Kay Ivey was speaking at the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Update.