Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling released a statement Monday in response to the shooting death of a man killed during an interaction with police.

Stephen Perkins, 39, was shot by officers on September 29 during an incident with a tow truck driver. The tow truck driver was trying to repossess Perkins' truck and told police he flashed a gun at them. So, he went back with police backup. That's when Perkins came outside, was told to get on the ground, and was shot multiple times.

Family members said the tow truck driver had the wrong vehicle and was attempting to repossess his truck illegally.

An attorney for the Perkins family said Perkins did not have time to comply with police before he was gunned down, and they have home surveillance video to prove it.

After an internal investigation, Decatur Police Chief Todd Pinion made determinations.

"Chief Pinion determined department policies were violated," Bowling said during Monday's city council meeting.

Disciplinary actions could be announced as early as Wednesday. Bowling released a statement saying a hearing on proposals of discipline would be scheduled for December 4.

“In any hearing, I will hear the facts of the case and decide if discipline is warranted and to what extent,” Bowling added. “Under Alabama law, any decision can be appealed to the Personnel Board if any officer is disciplined.

“The Decatur Police Department has committed, and I have committed, to make the findings of these hearings public.”

Bowling reminded the public that the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency was conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting. That investigation is ongoing. He asked the community to pray for the Perkins family this Thanksgiving holiday.

“And beyond that, I ask for prayers for this process – for justice, for healing, and for peace for everyone involved,” he added. “I ask you to join me in praying for Steve Perkins’ family and friends, for those who are hurting, for our law enforcement officers and first responders, and for our City.”

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