New details have emerged in the murder of 5-year-old Kamarie Holland.

Kristy Siple, the mother of the slain Georgia girl, has been extradited to Alabama to face charges of murder and human trafficking. Both Holland and her mother resided in Georgia, but the case will be tried in Russell County, where the crime occurred.

On Dec. 13, Kristy Siple, initially reported by the Sheriff's office as Christie Hoskins, called to report her daughter, Kamarie Holland, missing. According to the original report from the Russell County Sherriff’s Office, Siple awoke early in the morning of Dec. 13 to find that her daughter was missing from home. Later that day, police found the body of Kamarie Holland in an abandoned house in Phenix City. Police said that she likely died of asphyxiation, and there was evidence of sexual abuse.

The Columbus Police Department, through information not yet released to the public, was able to quickly identify Jeremy Tremaine Williams as a suspect and obtain a warrant for Williams’ arrest. Williams had previously lived in the house where Holland was found. 

The Sherriff’s Office claimed there was a relationship between Siple and Williams but contended that the relationship was not romantic.

The original release from the Sherriff’s office did not indicate that Siple was a suspect or person of interest. Details of the case had been minimal since the presiding judge put multiple gag orders on the case, making confirmation of information difficult.

On Dec. 27, things took a different turn when an Alabama District Judge issued four warrants for the arrest of Kristy Siple. Three of the charges relate to the murder of Holland, and the fourth is a charge for human trafficking. The three murder charges are for murder in the course of kidnapping, murder in the course of rape, and murder in the course of sodomy. All of the murder charges allege that she acted in tandem with Williams in the crimes.

The fourth charge alleges that Siple accepted money from an undisclosed party desiring to engage in sex acts with Holland.  

Williams had a history of child abuse accusations. In 2009, Williams was charged with burning a three-year-old child, of whom he was the guardian, with hot water so severely as to cause him serious injury. Williams was found not guilty of the charge. He was also a suspect in the death of a one-year-old in Alaska but was never charged.

Siple had previously told WTVM that she was not involved in the murder. Two days after Holland was found, Siple appeared on TV donating the toys of her now-deceased daughter. “I’m coping, I’m making it,” Siple said. 

“I am a mommy, and I didn’t have nothing to do with this. She was my life. I lived for her daily.” 

The charges against Williams are still pending, with no additional charges being announced as of yet. 

Siple has not entered a plea, nor has she obtained legal counsel to speak on her behalf. 

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.