The mother of a young girl who died in a crash on July 22 has been charged with reckless murder and felony attempting to elude.

Sarah Kathleen Cumbest Mullican, of Mountain Brook, has not been arrested yet.

Her daughter, Annabelle Mullican, was killed in the crash in the 3400 block of Cherokee Road. She and two others were taken to the hospital, but the 10-year-old didn't make it.

According to reports, a police officer attempted to stop the vehicle but reported the driver sped up, threw items from the vehicle, and crashed into a tree.

"In the days and weeks following Annabelle Mullican's death, Mountain Brook Police Detectives worked diligently to gather and review all facts related to this case," Mountain Brook PD said in a statement.

Evidence was presented to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, which returned warrants.

Attorney Tommy Spina is representing Mullican.

"This is such a tragic event with so many far-reaching collateral consequences on so many levels to so many people," Spina said in a statement. "We are arranging for her surrender on the warrants that were issued late yesterday.

"I hope this tragedy causes others to pause and reflect about how life can turn about so quickly and to think about consequences before they act. 

"Please keep Annabelles family, friends and the community affected by this event in your thoughts and prayers."

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