A Mobile Police Department command staff member sent a letter to officers concerning the report on a review of policies and procedures by Kenyen Brown.

Major Philip McCrary told the department the command staff is meeting and will address numerous inaccuracies, assumptions and legal violations in the report.

“As in our profession, we do not act on what we know or think,” McCrary said in a letter obtained by 1819 News. “We act on what we can prove with facts. We will address this report sometime next week with facts.”

In the letter, McCrary gave one example of an inaccuracy that he believes discredits a high-ranking, decorated command officer.

McCrary has vowed to protect the department's honor and integrity. He and the entire command staff will not sit quietly.

I will not go into detail on all the facts of this report until the command staff finalizes their report. I will give you one statement we can prove is an inaccuracy.

“On page 38 of the report under RECOMMENDATIONS paragraph 1. ‘MPD must focus on the related facts of the incident- an objective analysis of the Use of Force Incident- without demonizing or denigrating any involved citizen in the case. During an interview with a member of MPD (redacted) of MPD sated directly to Attorney Kenyen Brown and Dr. Powers that Mr. Jawn Dallas was "a piece of sh**. This is indicative of a serious problem with MPD leadership and culture," the example stated, quoting the report.

“The command officer in this interview did not say this,” McCrary responded. “This can be validated by our legal advisor who was present in the interview. What the command officer stated in the interview was when the investigator contacted a family member of Mr. Dallas they stated, ‘What did that piece of sh** do now?”

McCrary pointed out the grammatical errors were actually in the report and that Kenyen used profanity in his report.

“To discredit a high-ranking decorated command officer with a lie is appalling,” he added.

McCrary asked officers to remain professional and to continue to do their jobs of serving the community.

He added he knew the letter would be leaked to the media so he took the opportunity to address the community indirectly through the media.

“I want to address the citizens of Mobile that we serve,” he said. “Like our officers I am asking you not to place judgement on this department until you see our report. One thing in Mr. Brown's report and he also stated on the news is the Mobile Police Department does not prioritize the sanctity of life. This is an atrocious statement to make about the members of the Mobile Police Department. Every member of the command staff and the majority of this police department are Christians. We value the lives of every person in the community we serve.”

McCrary asked the officers to give the command staff until the end of next week to complete the analysis of the report.

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