House Bill 76 (HB76), which repealed state restrictions on student-athlete contracts, has passed the Alabama House of Representatives.

In the last legislative session, in anticipation of a ruling from the NCAA which would allow states to make their determinations on student-athletes receiving compensation, the Alabama Legislature passed a preemptive bill regulating student-athletes’ ability to enter into contracts for their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

The NCAA eventually released its decision regarding student-athletes NIL, which did not leave the decision to the states but instead introduced strenuous rules and regulations. The state restrictions were more restrictive than the rules the NCAA eventually required.

Rep. Kyle South (Fayette) sponsored HB76, as he sponsored the bill which this HB76 overturned.

HB76 repeals and removes the state restrictions on students and allows the NCAA rules to be the governing authority, which South believes will enable student-athletes to receive more favorable conditions in any contract negotiations.

The bill passed almost unanimously, with the only “nay” vote coming from Rep. Mike Holmes.

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