After a slew of recent resignations, the Prattville-Autauga library board is left with one original member who’s served since residents first began objecting to sexually explicit books in the children’s section of the public library.

For months, residents have attended the Autauga County Commission and Prattville City Council, often reading excerpts from the children’s books with sexually explicit content.

In April, 1819 News reported on several mothers expressing concern with sexually explicit and LGBTQ-promoting children’s books in the Autauga-Prattville Public Library, available for any child to read at will.

The result was the formation of two groups opposed to the books, Clean Up Prattville and Clean Up Alabama. The former focuses on the Prattville library, while the latter addresses statewide library issues.

Those who support keeping the books have accused the County Commission of being more in line with those challenging the books, while those challenging the books have found the Prattville City Council to be resistant to their appeals.

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Last week, the county commission voted in a new library board member, as did the city council. However, the city council chose Christie Sellers, a candidate recommended by the library board, while the commission selected Doug Darr, who was not recommended. The commission’s decision drew the ire of the library board and many supporting the books’ inclusion.

This week, three other members resigned their seats on the library board: Wayne Lambert, Susan Poteat and Pam Fredrick.

The most recent resignation will leave both the city council and county commission with two seats each to fill after Sandra Harvey’s resignation becomes permanent in a month. This leaves only one original board member from when the debate surrounding the books began.

 The county commission is waiting for an attorney general opinion as to the scope of its authority in regulating libraries and dictating funding.

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