Based on the latest publicly available polling, former State Sen. Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) leads a crowded field of Republicans vying for their party's nomination in the newly drawn second congressional district.

However, if Brewbaker is to emerge as the GOP nominee for November's general election contest, he says he will do so without Club for Growth or the House Freedom Caucus.

During an interview that aired on Friday's broadcast of Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," Brewbaker said he thought he could appeal to voters in a more moderate second congressional district. He cited his legislative record and vowed not to take support from groups that expect something in return for their help.

"I think I'm the in the best place among Republicans to make that claim," Brewbaker said. "If you look at my legislative record, I will put that up against anybody else who has ever served in this area. The work I did on school choice and the things that conservatives care about — parental rights, school choice, it's important. But also, I had a reputation of being able to work with people on the other side, whether it is judicial override or judicial reform, some of the issues Quinton Ross and I worked on together. So, I think I can appeal to 51% of the voters in the district."

"Also, when it comes to conservative versus liberal, I don't think that is the issue that has gotten Republicans in trouble," he added. "The problem that Republicans have and the issue that every Republican candidate ought to have to answer: Are you going to take money from the Club for Growth and are you going to join the Freedom Caucus?"

"OK, can you answer it?" APTV host Todd Stacy replied.

"Oh no, absolutely not," Brewbaker said. "And the reason is what they want for it. Club for Growth has a rule that if two-thirds of their group votes to take a stand on a certain issue, you're obligated to cast your vote with them. Well, that's one reason we didn't get a farm bill last year. You had Alabama Republicans voting against the direct interests of their district because of commitments they had made to the Freedom Caucus. Now, I may agree with their stands on certain individual things but I'm not going to hand them my voting card, and the same way for taking money from organizations like Club for Growth."

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