The Secretary of State's Office announced Wednesday that an official with the Houston County Board of Registrars had been removed for allegedly allowing voters to register fraudulently.

Dorothy Robbins has been accused of multiple violations, including processing voter registration forms without signatures from voters and registering a voter using her own home address when that voter did not live with her.

Secretary of State Wes Allen said his office would not allow these types of actions to occur, and he plans to gather information to turn over to authorities.

"As Secretary of State, I do not have the authority to prosecute," he told 1819 News. "Therefore, we are currently working on getting all of the relevant information pertaining to this matter turned over to the proper authorities."

Robbins is also accused of making registrants active who had been convicted of disqualifying felony convictions and issuing photo identification to non-registered voters, including individuals who had committed disqualifying felonies. Allen's office said Robbins also processed voter registration forms without the required sign-off of a second registrar.

"She no longer has access to any office, equipment, systems or resources of the Board of Registrars," Allen's office stated in a press release.

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