The petition started by Prattville parents to relocate LGBTQ+ books for minors has been taken down by the host website for containing “hate speech.”

For over a month, more people have gotten involved in the fight to remove from the library certain LGBTQ+ books deemed inappropriate for children.

In April, 1819 News reported on several mothers expressing concern with LGBTQ+ children's books in the Autauga-Prattville Public Library, available for any child to grab at will.

The mothers took five initial books to the library board, but the board delivered minimal changes in classification to three of the books, a decision that was less-than satiating for those that opposed the books. The library director has since resigned, with a replacement set to take the position within a week.

What began as a small group of local mothers expressing concern over the inclusion of dozens of LGBTQ+ books in the children's section has found growing support from the community. A large number of people continue to approach the Prattville City Council and Autauga County Commission to gain support in removing the books.

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In the aftermath of the city council meeting, an online petition was started to bring to the city council, county commission and the library board of trustees.

The petition was posted on, one of the largest petition websites in the world. The site allows individuals to set up petitions, allowing people to show support for any particular cause.

In less than a week, the petition garnered over 350 signatures. After fewer than two weeks, Change removed the petition for violating “hate speech guidelines.”

“[W]e don't allow content that attacks or maligns an entire class of people based on characteristics such as their age, color, disability, ethnic origin, gender identity, nationality, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, medical condition, or veteran status,” the email from read. “As such, we have had to remove your petition. is an open platform and we have a responsibility to keep our platform safe.”

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