There are only a few days left for residents of Baldwin County to let leaders know what they want to see in the future.

The Baldwin County Commission is developing a "Citizen's Guide to Growth in the County." After public meetings, the Commission asked for people to participate in an online survey.

Before taking the survey, residents are asked to watch videos of meetings that centered around a working draft, future land use and framework, and rural character preservation.

Matthew Brown, the planning director for Baldwin County, said the county is updating its long-range plan with funding from the general fund.

"We really feel like we hit the jackpot in a lot of ways because we landed on some consultants with some significant experience," said Brown.

Brown also said the consultants are neutral parties with no local ties. The process is more than 60% complete.

Some priorities in the current draft include protecting rural lands and the natural environment, equitable distribution of public services, regional communication, improving transportation and maintaining the quality of life in communities.

The survey will close on August 31.

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