By Brandon Moseley

Congressman Gary Palmer addressed the Mid-Alabama Republican Club and addressed issues he said Democrats are unable to handle.

Palmer said Republicans must take control of at least one House of Congress in 2022.

“If we don’t get at least one House back they (Congressional Democrats) are going to be emboldened,” Palmer said.

The Congressman said Democrats in Congress do not have what it takes to do what is necessary moving forward.

“I am dealing with a bunch of people who are not only bad at math; but bad at life,” Palmer stated.

Palmer said that the damage that would do to the country might be irreparable.

“I have seen a report that there is a 30% chance of there being an armed revolt,” Palmer said. “I have talked to some people who say they want that. No, you don’t want that if it is your son or daughter who dies.”

Palmer said Congressional leaders should come together for many reasons, one being because of the growing threats from China, including on the economy and health issues.

“I pray to God that the truth about the origin of the coronavirus comes out,” Palmer said. “There is no question in my mind that it is a lab-produced virus. I have never seen anything mutate as fast as this does.”

When it comes to the opioid crisis, Palmer said 80% of fentanyl comes from China.

“China is poised to take over Taiwan,” Palmer said. “China has exceeded us in hypersonics. They have developed technology for a new jet fighter that is problematic for us. They are not where we are with nuclear submarines.”

Palmer explained that China has used investments in other countries to turn countries that were trading partners and allies of the U.S. into nations where China is their primary trading partner. He cited two recent elections in South America where anti-American governments were elected due to Chinese influence coming through Venezuela.

“China is buying them left and right,” Palmer said. “China is putting tremendous pressure on El Salvador to build a naval facility there that will be able to accommodate all sizes of their ships, in violation of the Monroe Doctrine.”

Palmer said we should be forming alliances and investing in the economies of our Caribbean neighbors.

“It is important to make sure that they have the energy infrastructure in place, Palmer said.

Investing in new nuclear plants is another issue Palmer said should be a priority in the U.S.

“The real future is nuclear,” Palmer said. “A next-generation nuclear plant will last 100 years. Can you imagine what our technology will be in 100 years if we are still here?”

Palmer warned that energy prices will spike this winter. Palmer said that the Democrats' dire climate warnings and push for a green new deal is, “Not what the science says.” Palmer said that it has more to do with political science than actual science.

Gary Palmer is in his fourth term representing Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District.

The Mid-Alabama Republican Club meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Vestavia Public library at 9 a.m.

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